Message from the Principal

At Bliss International School, we are completely committed to providing the highest standard of education. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, nurturing and vibrant school environment for every child to thrive and grow.

We uphold the highest academic standards, above and beyond the requirements of both the Ghanaian and UK National Curricula. Our dedicated and highly trained teaching staff use a learner-centred approach to teaching that caters to the needs of every child and extra-learning support is always readily available. In addition, our new Gifted and Talented programme ensures that all children are engaged and challenged in the classroom. Students of Bliss International School are encouraged to think critically, analyse deeply and develop a genuine love of learning. I believe that education is the passport to the future, and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

BLISS also deeply appreciates the crucial role that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays in a modern and globally competitive educational programme. We can boast of excellent facilities and ICT is used consistently across the curriculum to enrich, elevate and improve classroom learning.

In addition, our exciting extra-curricular programme offers a myriad of activities, allowing our students to explore their interests, develop their talents and build self-confidence. Yearly excursions are also organised for students and everyone is encouraged to join in!

We deeply value the vital role that parents play in the education of their children and embrace your complete cooperation through the Parent Teacher Association(P.T.A.) and Parents are invited to visit classrooms and meet with teachers upon appointment to discuss their child’s progress and development.

For the past twenty years, one of the key lessons I have learnt in child education is to always creatively explore the hidden talents in children. To me, each child is a precious gem, unique in their own special way and full of hidden potentials. My aim as the school head is to provide an enabling environment for my staff to explore these latent talents through modern teaching methods and skills. I believe that, with the right structures in place, the sky will not be their limit but rather the beginning of a wonderful and self- actualizing learning experience with endless possibilities.

As B.B. King once said, ‘the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.’

At BLISS, we consider it an honour and privilege to educate the children entrusted in our care.

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