The 5th year in the project life cycle of any institution or organization marks the beginning of an important threshold. A time to take stock of the past 5 years and to make projections for the years ahead.

All that has been achieved thus far could not have been possible without the diverse contribution of ALL teaching and non-teaching staff within and without us presently.

Management therefore says a big ‘ayekoo’ to you all.

Education has always been the most important way of serving others and is the most effective vehicle for change to a better world, regardless of whether it is in our country or abroad; as the solution of every problem in human life ultimately depends on the initiatives and capacities of human beings themselves.
Having been inspired by this brilliant concept, Bliss international school has since 2015 become a school that serves all people, regardless of their race, colour or faith in this beautiful country.
Throughout these years, we have taught that learning is a duty for all humans and by fulfilling it we attain the rank of true humanity and become a beneficial element of society.
We see an approach to education that is at peace with science and technology, as it warmly embraces the cultures and virtues of society at large, hence it is in this school that students of all cultures are taught universal values and ethos along with modern sciences.
Our teachers do their best to prepare the students for the future by keeping in mind that: “The best way to educate people is to show real concern for every individual, not forgetting that each individual is a different world.”
Apart from education, the school also stresses on social values and good conduct; we praise the discipline, courtesy and seriousness of our students as well as the high quality of education we offer in a modern, state of the art environment.

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