Our Objectives


  • To ensure a wholesome standard of morality by inculcating in learners, christian principles as a basis for sound education and personal growth.
  • To develop the creative and problem solving ability of the individual.
  • To prepare learners by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for effective living within the society and for making constructive changes in the society
  • To develop in learners and staff a sense of patriotism, national pride and internationalism for peaceful co-existence with fellow citizens and people of other nations.
  • To develop the whole child in several domains for optimal learning and to be of service to his or her community
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for continuous professional staff development to enhance effective teaching and learning and the delivery of relevant support services.
  • To maintain a high level of academic content based on Godly values that can prepare our students academically, spiritually, physically morally & socially, that will enable him or her grow into a holistic self-sufficient adult.